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Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

Our main and primary focus is your complete satisfaction. We lay emphasis on the best price without sacrificing and compromising the quality of our projects, including the installed operating technologies and equipment. We always endeavour to using the best and highest-quality materials on the market. We believe that you will not need the complaint at all, but if you should ever have a problem, we are ready to help immediately as soon as possible.

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What is a property warranty?

The property warranty is designed to cover the quality both residential and non-residential units, as well as the common areas of the building where the unit is located. The complaints procedure also applies to the technologies, equipment and accessories of the property, including the those (technologies and equipment) that are installed in external connecting systems (water systems, electricity supply network systems, and natural supply systems) securing the operation of the property.

How is a complaint reported?

Complaints must be sent to us in writing, by registered letter to the following Company address: MDAICReal, s.r.o. Generala Selnera 3256, Kladno, 272 01, Kladno. You can also send yours Complaints to the following e-mail address , or use the client section on our Every MDA RESIDENCES is provided with an operations management office that is responsible for the sustainable operations, maintenance and security of the Residence. Meaning that your Complaints will always be taken care and treated without delay.

How long does the property warranty last?

The warranty period lasts 36 months. It enters into effect from the effective date the transfer of ownership right of the property to the client at the relevant cadastral office, or on the day of legal formation of the association of unit (building or house) owners. The exception is the warranty period for silicone and acrylic sealants, here the deadline for submitting a claim is only Six (6) months.

What does the property warranty cover?

The warranty defects in material and workmanship provided by the contractor or his suppliers and for warranty defects in wiring of the building's technologies, equipment and accessories, including all mechanical systems. The warranty does not cover defects caused by Client or Owner who does not comply with the requirements prescribed the instructions given in the Complaints Regulations or the Manual for the operation and maintenance of the residential and non-residential units.

What does the property warranty do not cover?

These are, for example:

    • defects in items, their parts or accessories that were not included in the original delivery.
    • material defects or defects caused by work performed by someone other than the contractor,
    • defects arising from the use of the housing unit for non-residential purposes,
    • defects caused by improper handling,
    • normal wear.

How do you proceed with a complaint?

In the event of a justified complaint, we (MDAICReal) will agree with you on the basis of a given timetable to remove the defect in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Complaints Regulations. For this purpose, we will need have access to your unit and carry out the troubleshoot and evaluation of the defect for immediate repair.

What must be stated in the complaint?

When reporting your complaint, please indicate the followings in order to meet the requirements of the processing standards:

    • the date of the detected defect.
    • the detailed description of the defect, including any photo documentation of the defect, using the form below.
    • the name and address of the project, including street, unit number or place in the building and the exact location of the defect.
    • the proposal of the most suitable date for a visit.
    • contact (mobile phone or landline and e-mail) to confirm a possible visit for repair..

What happens if the owner does not cooperate with the contractor?

In the event that the property owner refuse to cooperate or does not provide the necessary data and information to the Project Developer (MDAICReal) for the adequate assessment and removal of the claimed defect as for instance by not allowing our technical team to access the unit within a maximum period of Sixty (60) days from the effective date of notification of the defect. In this case, the right to remove the defect shall unfortunately expires.




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