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Invest in our real estate<br /> Investment projects

Invest in our real estate
Investment projects

The only place, where your investement dream can achieve the maximum yield of 25% p.a. at no risk, worries and too much paperwork. You just need a minimum investment of EUR 55 to start. We offer the best investment return of 15-25% p.a., depending on each project requirements. One investment, dozens of real estate opportunities available on Diversify your investment risks and businesses with MDAICReal. Discover our secured real estate investments, which are backed by collateral and developed to providing you additional safety. Don’t wait and get the best deals on all our bankable and financeable real estate investment projects that yours needs. MDAICReal always focuses on concretely deeveloped projects to bankability and financeability. We endeavour to promoting environmental restoration, stewardship and protection of neglected public lands. and utilizes the available resources to provide long-term environmental benefits for natural areas without neglecting the diverse strengths of different ethnics and cultures to accomplish our common goal of restoring the beauty of the natural landscape.

We always focus on design and construction precision, high quality and standards at very fair cost in order to first and foremost meet the budget of our clients.

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High Quality Services that always fit your needs

High Quality Services that always fit your needs

We offer real exceptional real estate services and promote our clients to acquire their own residential, commercial and/or industrial property at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing quality and standards. All products sold or transferred to our clients are guaranteed for no defect and full Quality Assurance (QA). Our clients' needs are our main concern and focus.

Our Services include:

  • Sales and Rentals;
  • Investments;
  • Mortgages;
  • Export Investment Credit;
  • Relocation;
  • Reconstruction and Modernization;
  • Legal Services;
  • Interior Design and Redesign; and
  • Property Management.

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Building Materials & Equipment

Building Materials & Equipment

The right place for high-quality, advance and stylish Building Construction Materials and Equipment you need to build the best and highest-quality residential, commercial and industrial properties for a sustainable economic growth. browse through and get the prices on our wide range of guaranteed quality Bamboo Flooring, Bricks, Blocks, Ceramic Tiles, Doors, Roofing Materials and many more at the best and most competive prices on the global market. Don't wait and enjoy our unbeatable prices. Buy now.

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    Registered Office Rentals

    We provide registered offices for companies and entrepreneurs looking for a representative office with added value services in Czechia and the EU. View more. Get the best deals now.

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    Meeting Room Rentals

    We have high standard and fully furnished meeting rooms throughout Czechia, Slovakia, and in many other countries like US, UK, France and more. Browse in. Get the best price now.

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    Office rentals

    The perfect solutions for flexible entrepreneurs and companies. Rent professional offices easing your businesses at low operation cost. View more. Get the best price now.

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    Administration services

    A portofolio of services designed to facilitate the management of your company's personel and operation management requirements. Browse through. Get the best price now.

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Home Decoration & Decor Items

Home Decoration & Decor Items

We offer a wide range of modern, trendy and stylish decoration and decor items and accesoories for your home, office, hotel, spa, restaurant anf cafeteria, including events (wedding, birthday) and many more at unbeatable prices. Our also offer Wreath Hangers for any area, event and environment. Browse through and get the best deals now.

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