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Bief intro to Real Estate Business Industry

Bief intro to Real Estate Business Industry

Our training program primarily consists of learning the essential fundamentals you practically need in your Industrial, Commercial, Residential (ICR) development, renovation, sales and rental, and-all. MDAICReal's practical and effective learning and training also include the sale, distribution, export and import of Building Materials, Decoratives Building Materials, Building Equipment and Tools, and other related real estate businesses such as Kichen istallation.

Practical leaning needs

    • Understanding the industrial, commercial and Industrial (ICR) real estate Businesses
    • Knowing all the business activities you can do in the real estate industry
    • Learn how to successfully build and do a real estate business
    • Being able to speak intelligently about ICR real estate
    • Understand the key financial concepts for ICR real estate
    • Understand and apply key analysis techniques to ICR real estate
    • Understand the differences between the core asset classes
    • Understand the emerging trends that will shape the future of ICR real estate

Benefits of MDAICReal practical leaning

To the difference of visual, aural, verbal, physical or logical learning styles, MDAICReal pratical learning is a learning style designed to benefits all the students and trainees. It helps you quickly understand your course topic and your real estate business field and how to quickly and successfully apply the brief and short theory you learn to real-life situations. The main benefits of our practical learning and training in the context of your academic studies, includes:

    • Improving your skills in a non-classroom environment.
    • Increasing your understanding through learned experiences directly from the field.
    • Creating a deeper impact in your career and business development.
    • Building a better knowledge retention,reinforcing your professionalism. Remembering actions and scenarios helps you prevent mistakes when dealing with a client.

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    This first step is very simple and can be handle by anyone, including a layman. As a new Trainee, yu must first register as a user. This registration enables you to just become a user. As a user, you  can have a your dashboard, where you can manage you personal data, including products, favorites, etc. 

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    Your Global Store can sell wide variety of goods and services, covering many different business industries. Besides your global store, you also have your a own signle page with full presentation of your company and business portfolio, where buyers can view your related business and contact you directly.

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    You will easily access all the professional development opportunities in the real estate industry. Our online trainings are strategic skill-based questions and answers offering effective business practices and quick understanding of the business essentials you need for your professional career development.

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Getting started

Getting started

Here, are the list of of real estate businesses you can practically learn and successfully do on our Global Real Estate Platform (GREP). you just select the one the suit you best, resgister and start doing practically your real estate business. Once your registration is fully completed, including your annual symbolic fee of EUR 50 / year, our IT department will develop within 24 hours your online profile. 

The Profile shall contain the description of the products and services you provide, Your full name, your direct mobile phone number, and your email address in the form or, which you will use to produce your own business cards for won clients. 

The platform must be informed about all the trainees' businesses and projects in the local and global market. All the business and projects shall be recorded and managed in cooperation with the platform to prevent scams and violation of the platform rules and regulations or code of business of conduct and ethics.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Trainees must abide by all business rules and regulations, including including anti-trust, anti-bribery, environmental and safety laws. The Platform is committed to carrying out its business fairly, honestly and openly. It is Company policy to observe the highest standards of ethical conduct and to comply fully with all applicable laws, including anti-bribery, such as US / EU Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Europe and the EU legislation on anti-corruption No 883/2013 to combat fraud, corruption and other illegal activities affecting the financial interests of the EU (see also Commission Decision 1999/352/EC) and the Czech Bribery Act No. 40/2009 the Czech Criminal Code and Act No. 418/2011 ("Anti-Bribery and Corruption Act"), in every jurisdiction in which it does business.

What's the Difference in their specializations, tasks and responsibilities?

  • Real Estate Agent

    Real Estate Agent

    Listing Agent / Seller's Agent

    A Listing Agent is simply the Seller's Agent. Listing Agents represents clients who wish to sell their homes. Their sole purpose is to protect their clients' best interests and negotiate the best price for the seller in the shortest amount of time. How good listing agents help sellers:

      • Price homes based on a comparative market analysis of homes sold in the area with similar features.
      • Advertise listings on the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) database and other real estate advertising venues.
      • Design effective marketing plans.
      • Provide staging tips to appeal to buyers and recommend upgrades that increase home value.
      • Arrange showings and open houses
      • Connect sellers with contractors and professional contacts.
      • Negotiate with buyers' agents to protect seller's interests such as recommending escalation clauses and appraisal guarantees.
      • Offer viable solutions when problems arise.
  • Real Estate Agent

    Real Estate Agent

    Buyer's Agent

    Buyer's agents, on the other hand, represent buyers and protect their interests by helping clients find the exact residential, commercial and industrial properties that hit their wish lists. The Buyer's Agent i also committed to skillfully negotiate offers to win bidding wars in a competitive market and get the best deals. Many buyer's agents have the Accredited Buyers' Representative Designation issued by MDAICReal Global Real Estate Platform. The main tasks and responsibility of a buyer's agent include but not limited to:

      • cooperating with listing agents (e.g. the listing agent of MDAICReal Global Real Estate Platform
      • finding a property for the client whether it be on market or off-market.
      • helping the clints to negotiate the best terms and contingencies.
      • helping them win the property that best meet the needs and requirements of the clients in the highly competitive market.
  • Real Estate Agent

    Real Estate Agent

    Dual Agent

    A Dual Agent or Dual Agency is a Real Estate Agent or Agency, representing both the buyer and seller. Transaction brokers might represent both parties but not in a fiduciary capacity. Dual Agents and Agencies can be considered a conflict of interest and are illegal in some country, including eight states in the US. But even these states sometimes allow doubling up according to the National Association of Realtors, because this exceptional case shows that Dual Agent has experience working on the buy-side and the sales-side. According to Biedenharn Dual Agents, can navigate that bridge and know what a seller is looking for, and help clients understand what the other side is going through. Other potential benefits of dual agents and agencies are:

      • Communication between buyer and seller is strengthened since there's only one primary contact.
      • A buyer's agent has access to more details about a property than an agent working solely from the seller's side.
      • Dual agents sometimes accept reduced commissions which saves sellers money.

Real Estate Agents

Whether you want to buy, sell, or rent your property (residential, commercial or industrial), you’ll want some help. Contracting a real estate agent aka real estate broker or realtor (based on their specializations) is the best idea to save you money, time and anxiety or stress because:

    • they have the right expertise to sell or rent,
    • the have turbocharged searching power 
    • they have a bullish negotiating chops
    • they have a large connection of buyers
    • they adhere to a strict code of ethics

A real estate agent is a licensed professional who represents buyers and sellers throughout the entire real estate transaction process. Agents gather market data, manage legal documents, negotiate and facilitate real estate deals so a sale can take place.


A Realtor is quite similar to a real estate agent, selling residential, commercial and industrial properties, including lands and islands. Realtors are typically licensed real estate agents and professionals who are official members of the National Association of Real Estate Boards like MDAICReal Global Real Estate Platform, ensuring that all its real estate professional abide by its Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice designed to serve the best interests of their clients.

Real Estate Brokers

A real Estate Brokers are experienced real estate agents who take their licensure to the next level of training, pass an examination, and apply for their broker's license. Real estate brokers can manage sales agents or open their own brokerage agency. They are held to a higher standard to handle more complex legal and industry questions.

Managing brokers receive a percentage of agent real estate commission. The seller typically pays the commission on the sale of their home (typically around 4% of the sale cost, depending on each country Real Estate Laws) to their listing agent (also called the seller's agent). That then gets split with the buyer's agent, usually in half. The listing agent will also pay the broker out of their remaining commission amount, sometimes up to half after paying the buyer's agent.



Based on the real estate international laws, the commission on sold or rented properties shall be paid as provided in the Sale Agrement or Rental Agreement. The commission shall always be equally share among the selected Agents on Buyer's side, seller's side and the Broker, hereinafter referred to as / platform under the following conditions.

    • 50% of the Total Commission for the Buyer's Agents, while the remaining 50% shall be paid to the Seller's Agents.
    • Independent Buyer's Agent(s) (not member(s) of / platform) shall be entitled of 50% of the Total Commission, while the remaing 50% shall be equally shared between the mdaicreal's platform and its Agent, i.e. 25% for the platform and 25% for the agent, who sold the house.
    • MDAICReal, s.r.o. Global Platform is entitled of 25% of the Total Commission for any property listed and sold or rented by an agent of / platform.
    • In the case the Buyer's Agent and the Seller's Agent represent One (1), herein called Dual Agent, the the Total Commission shall be shared or distributed as follows: 70% for the Agent for the Agent and 30% for the Broker, herein called / platform.





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