MDA RESID-LISK. #123A (USA202300001)


MDA RESID-LISK. #123A (USA202300001)


€360,000 (CZK 8,500,000) | 4 Beds | 1.5 Baths | 98.7 m² (1,062.40 ft²) |. Read more

€ 360,000




California (USA)

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Discover our fantastic MDA RESIDENCES LISKOVEC #123, which set the standard for Liskovec living with visionary design, quality residential gardens, innovative landscape. This residence give you an unrivaled views across the vegetation of Pritocno. This 3-floor stylish and luxury apartment MDA RESIDENCES LISKOVEC #123D has a total area of 98.7 m² (1,062.40 ft²) and is provided with 4 bedrooms, 1+1/2 bathroom and 1 sauna, designed to keep you healthy and fit through detoxification, increased metabolism, weight loss, increased blood circulation, pain reduction, antiaging, skin rejuvenation, improved cardiovascular function, improved immune function, improved sleep, stress management, and relaxation. To us, your property means your whealth and your heatlth. This Apartment ar sold fully furnished, but the buyer may change the interior design to better met their taste without changing the total cost of the property.

The total area of the property is 439 m², which according to the land use regulations of the city of Kladno must be provided with vegetation or garden of an minimum area of 210 m², representing about 47% of the total area.

This icony MDA RESIDENCES LISKOVEC #123 is located in a very strategic location. 10 min drive to Airport, 15 min drive to Prague and 15 min drive to the center of Kladno. Other amenities includes TESCO, and other shopping centre and stores like Centrala Shopping Centre, BILLA, GLOBUS, and Zlicin shopping zone with IKEA, GLOBUS, and more.





Amenities and Features

 Beds  Security Lights
 Washing Machine    Kitchen
 Circuit breaker
 Diswasher ✔   Sopha
 Dryer  Refrigerator
 Sauna ✔   Bath
 Wall oven
 Dining Table ✔   Shower
 Dining Chairs
 Smoke detector
 Garden ✔   TVs & TV Furniture
 Garden LED Lights
 Electric range

Additional information

Category: Apartments
Select: Sale
Type: Exclusive Residences, Apartments, Residential Properties
Bedrooms: 4 Bedrooms
Bathrooms: (1+1/2) bathrooms
# Unit: #123A
Year Built: 2024
# Stories: 2 Stories
Unit Floor: Ground Floor & 1st Floor
Plot (m²): 439 m²
Terrace: Yes (front and back)
Garden: Yes (210 m²)
Last updated: 16 August 2023
Quality: Class A
Parking: Yes (Indoor & outdoor)
State/Region: Velke Pritocno, Kladno
Location: Liskovec 123
ZIP: 273 01
Country: Czechia

Sizes of the apartment facilities

    • A.01.1 Vestibule: 4.80 m².
    • A.01.2 WC: 1.50 m².
    • A.01.3 Living room + kk: 32.50 m².
    • A.01.4 Bedroom:12.30 m².
    • A.01.5 bathroom: 8.60 .
    • A.01.6 Technical room: 5.50 m².
    • A.01.7 Stairs: 4.40 m².
    • A.02.1 Corridor:2.6 m².
    • A.02.2 Room:10.10 m².
    • A.02.3 Room:10.10 m².
    • A.02.4 Bedroom:6.30 m².

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